Affiliate Terms

NOTE: We hereby confirm that we are fully in charge of the terms and conditions listed here and are free to amend them as and when we feel the need to do so.


Affiliate Application Approval or Rejection

We reserve the right to reject or approve ANY Affiliate Registration/Application in our sole and absolute discretion. You will have no legal recourse against us if your Affiliate Registration/Application is rejected.


The applicable payment method is PayPal. The affiliate needs to set up their Paypal email address.

Another payment method: open a bank account with Sogexia or Revolut and you can be paid with instant bank transfer.

The payment(of the last month) will be accumulated with LYLI network and will be transferred to the affiliate’s account at the mid of subsequent month when the amount is greater or equal to $50.

All govt. taxes will be applicable as per the legal framework for redeeming the commission.


Affiliate Account Termination Guidelines

There are certain conditions/situations pertaining to which your affiliate application and status in the program may be terminated or suspended. Hence, you need to take care of a few things as mentioned below:

  • Any act found confusing, deceptive or misleading to users or alias is strictly prohibited.

  • The affiliation is not subject to any sort of takeover or outsourcing. Hence, no action claiming the management of your website by LYLI network will be entertained.

  • Affiliates are only permitted to use LYLI network trademarks, intellectual properties, and domains under explicitly authorized banners and advertisement activities.

  • LYLI network strictly adheres to restrict your affiliation in case you purchase any domain, keywords or pay-per-click advertisements using LYLI network trademarks or use content explaining the products without proper permissions or consent statements.

  • Any action violating the laws, privacy or considered spam, fraud, etc. to the users will not be tolerable.

  • Any act, direct or indirect, violating the Terms & Conditions of LYLI network is prohibited.

  • You can use affiliate codes only on specific marketing channels like social media.

  • You shouldn’t indulge in purchasing our products via your own affiliate codes.

  • Using affiliate codes on sites containing sexually explicit or other violent content is prohibited.

  • If you are found to violate our trademark policy by any means, you run the risk of getting your affiliate account terminated.

  • Using copied or plagiarized content to promote products or services is not recommended at all